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Put your loved one's affairs in order 

Depart iOS application tracks all of the important details surrounding the death of your loved one.

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Why Depart

Understand the timeline

Make sure you complete the tasks from funeral planning to estate settlement on time. Set reminders so you don't need to keep track in this difficult time. 

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Tips to make it a little easier

Reduce the cost of settling your loved one's estate by following the tips available throughout the app.

Share your plan

You don't have to take care of everything yourself. Delegate tasks to others to help carry out the wishes of the deceased.

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About Us

Misty Slopes

We have all lost loved ones. It is such a painful time it is hard to keep the days straight.  On top of grieving for your loss there are a million things that need to get done. We started Depart when one of our founders became the executor for her best friend's estate. It was so challenging to figure out what needed to be done and when it had to be done.  We knew we could make a difficult time simpler. 

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